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Being a Perfect Leader

Leadership plays a dual role both in analysis and empirical skill surrounding the expertise of an individual or an institution to "lead" or mentor other individuals, teams or whole organizations. Leadership is the ability of a person to be their own leaders, to take responsibility for their growth and well-being, to undertake responsibility for their own commitments. But when individuals come together, a problem arises. Each and every team has a leader, a school has principal, a college has a dean, a company has its chairman, institutions have their directors and so on.
                        Yet, not everyone who occupies a peak position or possesses leadership qualities is a leader. A fellow who synchronizes the movements of others or has managing skills is not always a leader. Moreover, not everyone who undertakes the character of a leader is proficient enough to play it rigorously. Then what are the qualities that make one an efficient leader? What propriety is needed …
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Education for Social and Professional Career

The contribution of education is to compose future generations to occupy their fair position in society, as future freshman, professionals, and inhabitants. Yet, there is often an elementary conflict between the skills and expertise they are made to prepare in classrooms, and those they will need to function effectively worldwide. In a survey, it has found that graduates were unable to manage customers professionally and also they were not equipped to take responsibilities individually of their professional duties. This event is worrying because many of these skills are essential not simply for students to become efficient professionals, but to take the edge of opportunities worldwide. For too long, the students have been taught with an aim to exclusively focus on exams, rather than building the virtue and without considering that these skills they will also need once they retire from the world of the academic community.
                   As the number of students in schools and uni…

Yoga - Control over mind and body

Yoga is the belief in mental and spiritual peacefulness. But present life propels us in a different direction. One main reason for this is the tenderness and routine of getting whirl or hasten. Analyze the words rushing through our intellects in the course of a regular day. We impel ourselves with arguments that make us feel nervous and impatient. We use words like, "there's no time, fast, hurry up, soon, shortly, speedily."
                              To a great extent we use these words, it becomes more difficult for any part of us, to calm down. When we practice yoga with consciousness, we are attentive and pay recognition to what events are occurring in our minds, and we realize that our conception is frequently scrambled. The mind is not stable and cannot relax; it pokes us to go further and in a hurry.

                               The tradition of being in a hurry is proceeding in a hasty manner in recent times. It pervades our daily routines, both professiona…